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Solicitor in Stockport, Greater Manchester Weare specialist Criminal offences & Road Traffic Offences Lawyers in Stockport (Greater Manchester). Our solicitors provide legal representation at Magistrates', Youth & Crown Courts across Greater Manchester, Cheshire & further afield.

24 hour FREE legal representation whilst at the Police Station. Our dedicated team of criminal lawyers are on call 24hrs / 365 days, to provide immediate advice & assistance for suspects who are arrested and those voluntarily interviewed under caution. Police-Station Representation under legal aid is NOT means-tested.

Mortons offer expert representation for Benefit Frauds interviews under caution. Free representation may be available, but is means tested based on your personal/financial circumstances.

Funding may be available for imprisonable offences (depending on your financial circumstances) or privately funding (fixed fees available). We are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide representation for criminal offences under legal aid and we hold the Specialist Quality Mark.

We strive for excellence in the fields of criminal law and motoring law, with our professional criminal/motoring firm regularly achieving great successes. Our team have dedicated our careers defending our clients suspected of criminal & Road Traffic Offences. Regardless of whether you are of good character with no previous convictions or a regular offender, we tailor our service to ensure that you are fully and appropriately legally advised. We recognise & seek to protect clients family life & liberty, reputation & livelihood.
Areas Served
  • Stockport, Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Tameside, Macclesfield, Greater Manchester, East Cheshire
Business Details
  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Year established: 1996
  • Number of employees: 14
Highlights & Specialties
  • Criminal Defence
  • Motoring Law
  • Legal Aid
Professional Associations & Certifications
  • Law Society
  • CLSA
  • Registered in England & Wales. Company No. 5012667
  • Authorised & Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
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22 Middle Hillgate
Stockport, Greater Manchester
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Free Legal Representation at Police Stations
read moreRegardless of whether you work/claim benefits or have previous convictions or not, everyone is entitled to FREE legal representation at the police station if you are under arrest or being interviewed as a volunteer under caution.

Mortons provide high quality advice and assistance atPolice Stations across North West England and beyond!

Our attendance will notdelay your release. Our advice CAN and DOES have a major impact upon your case. We advice clients to NEVER do an interview with the police unrepresented. Our attendance ensures your legal rights are protected, to make sure you aren't misled, we also obtain some disclosure from the officer prior to the interview so that we can discuss the allegation.

Court Representation
read moreWeare top specialist Criminal defence and Road Traffic Offences Lawyers in Manchester and Cheshire. Our solicitors provide legal representation at Magistrates, Youth and Crown Courts throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Reviews Write a Review

Calum Ashmore
Feb 10, 2012
Mortons are awesome!
I was remanded to custody for an offence that I hadn't done. I was stupid to not request a solicitor at the police station. I regretted that decision later.

My family have used Mortons before and told me to ask for them at Court. Mortons took on my case. Immediately I felt better as they explained what the evidence was, the procedure and what was going to happen.

I got bail thanks to Mark Shepherd at Mortons. The magistrates wanted conditions which were a bit ridiculous, he argued against the stupid ones and convinced them to bail me.
High Quality, Professional Criminal Defence Solicitors
Wish I had asked for them at the police station
Value for Money — Free as I had legal aid
Service & Support — Great. Came and saw me straight away at Court
Quality — Explained the prosecution evidence to me
Location — I was in the cell at Court. I haven't been to their office yet.

Alan Wilson
Apr 16, 2012
Respect to Mortons
Mortons were the best solicitors I ever had. They dealt with all my recent arrests and got me a great result last week. I tell all my family to use them.
Value for Money — free on legal aid
Service & Support
Location — always come out to the police station even after midnight

Jamie Smith
May 14, 2012
Top Crime Solicitors in Stockport
The police have raided my address on half a dozen occasions for non-existent stolen goods and other false allegations. The first couple of times I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but the attitude of the police was such that on the last couple of occasions I asked for Morton's on the recommendation of a neighbour.
Simon Morton attended for me at the Police Station. He rightly gave the police a
good rollicking. I was bailed after the interview. Simon chased the matter up before I was due to return to the police station, and no further action was taken so I didn't have to attend.

I am thankful for his knowledge. His experience in dealing with these officers was very useful.
Knowledgeable, Reputable
Not sure what will stop the police raiding my address
Value for Money — It was FREE. Can't get any better
Service & Support — Understanding & Supportive
Quality — Very knowledgeable
Location — Came immediately to represent me

Mark Grisham
Jun 04, 2012
Friendly Team
I liked Mortons. They won my case which was a David against Goliath battle.
don't trust the police
Value for Money
Service & Support

Stuart Jones
Marple, Stockport
Dec 30, 2013
Failure to provide a breath sample
I was driving along minding my own business when I got stopped by police and after an argument with the officer about my severe asthma he arrested me and took me to the police station. I asked to speak to my Solicitor immediately at the police station because I felt I was being manhandled but they wouldn't let me until I had blown on the box. The police asked me to blow into the machine and I tried and tried but couldn't give any more breath. The officer warned me and when I failed again they charged me with failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

I instructed Simon Morton because I knew he had a excellent reputation for dealing with these types of cases. We had a good meeting and I was re-assured that we had good grounds to fight this in court.

Simon instructed an expert who confirmed at the time I was stopped I could not have given that breath due to my health and as a result of both their hard work we won at Court. So relieved.
Legal Aid & we won!
Having to go to court, but ce la vie!
Value for Money — Legal aid so was free
Service & Support — Always rang me back
Quality — Simon is a brilliant lawyer
Location — Parking not brilliant, but nowhere is in Stockport

John Spooner
May 23, 2016
Good Lawyer
Having been accused of an offence by my ex- I was recommended Mortons by a friend. I found Steven McHugh to be very helpful and really good on his feet.

The ladies in the office were also good. Sorry I can't remember there names.
Steven McHugh, Legal Aid Aid
Value for Money — Legal Aid
Service & Support
Location — Paid Parking nearby

Key People

Simon E. Morton
Managing Director Stockport, Cheshire
read moreManaging Director & Solicitor-Advocate from Mortons Solicitors in Stockport (Greater Manchester & Cheshire).

My firm specialise in Criminal Defence and Motoring Law.

Many of my clients are professionals just like you, doctors/nurses, business people, professional drivers etc.

You may have been drinking & socialising and had to lawfully act in self-defence to defend themselves and are now accused of assault.

You may have been drinking the previous night, but not realised the following morning that you may still be over the limit and are now accused of drink driving.

In these and many more examples my firm & I may be able to help.

Lisa J. Morton
Company Director Stockport, Cheshire


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